A great photo by Heather Burkman, but no; this is not one of our expert trained leaders.

The Escorted Rides

We offer optional escorted versions of the 40-mile route and the 70-mile route. There is no extra charge for this service.

Expert leaders will ride with your group to cheer you on and help you conquer the ride.  

If you would rather do the ride on your own, that's great!  If you want to do the escorted version of the ride, no need to tell us in advance -- just register as usual. Meet at the Orient Beach State Park start line at 8:30 a.m., fed, dressed, been to the bathroom, ready to rock.  If you are taking our optional transport from NYC to the ride you'll be in time for the escorted rides.

It is quite common for people to start the day with the escorted ride, and then decide later that they don't need help, so they pedal off on their own. Nothing wrong with that -- just please tell the escort leaders that you're takng off, so they don't go looking for you.