Prices and How to Register


The 2024 North Fork Century is a fundraiser for God's Love We Deliver.

The registration fee of $195 includes your donation -- no additional fundraising is required.. Kids 12 or under on ride day pedal for free.

OPTIONAL transportation from Manhattan to the Greenport, NY start/finish line and home again for your bike and you: $70.  

Your ride fee includes:

• Donation to God's Love We Deliver

• Free ride T-shirt and other goodies

• Full support throughout -- great rest stops, S.A.G. (bike rescue if you have had enough)

• Painted route, hard-copy turn sheet, and digital files.

• All-you-can-eat post-ride meal

• Our friends from Greenport Brewery at the finish line.

How to Register for the Ride

Just click here and you'll be all set!

If you are having trouble registering, it MIGHT be because you are trying to register from your office. Many corporations set up Internet firewalls, to protect you from fun at work. Try another computer outside the office.

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Our Incredibly Unfair Refund Policy

Once you register, there are no refunds.

Of any kind.

For ANY reason.


A Brief Word About Illness, Accidents, Death, and Cake

We get lots of emails right before the ride: "Even though you state that you have a no-refund policy, I need a refund. I can’t attend the ride because I am terribly ill and I have a note from my doctor to prove it -- would you like a copy of the note?"


No I would not.

We believe you (and your doctor) but it's like this:

Suppose I'm a baker and you order a 10-foot tall cake that states Happy Birthday Melvin on it.

Then something terrible happens.  Melvin gets the flu.  Melvin gets drunk and cracks a tooth on a coffee table.  Melvin gets whooping cough.



We understand why you no longer want the cake.

But since you told me you wanted a cake, I purchased perishable ingredients.  I added extra staff.  I bought Cake Insurance (OK... just go along with me here...)

I don't need a note from a doctor. 

I believe you. 

Fate has dealt you a completely unfair hand for no good reason at all. 

But one of us is about to lose the price of the cake, and it's going to be you or me.

And me being the poor and cranky guy I am... it's going to be you. (There must be a MUCH nicer way to say that, but nothing comes to mind just at this moment...)

Now imagine that I have 600 people who EACH order a cake that states Happy Birthday Melvin on it and you get the idea.

Thanks for understanding.

Sell or Give Your Ride Registration to Someone Else

All you need to do to transfer your spot in the ride to another person is give your name to the new rider. The new rider MUST stop by one of our check-in desks.


Because if they get smooshed by a truck and they are wearing a numbered wristband that our records show belongs to you, we won’t know the difference (because them smooshed and you smooshed look pretty much the same...) and we will call YOUR family and tell them that YOU are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! (Try explaining THAT ONE at Thanksgiving dinner!)

When the new rider checks in, they simply say, “I’m riding for Jim Smith, but my name is...”  They can pick any distance, no matter what you specified when you signed up. They get whatever extra-goodies you signed up for -- if you registered for transportation to the ride, they get it. If you bought a Medium T-shirt, they get a Medium (only) T-shirt.

Please note that re-selling your ride registration is completely legal, but we do not get involved in any way with these transactions. It is up to you to work out prices and payment with the buyer/seller.