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So far, over-dependence on GPS devices has resulted in more inconvenience than actual danger, but things took a turn for the worse earlier this month when a U.K. woman sent her £96k Mercedes SL500 flying into a river, trusting the car's optimistic GPS guidance instead of the road signs warning of impending doom. Matters were made worse as the river was swollen from recent heavy rains, which caused the vehicle to be swept some 200 meters downstream before the woman was able to escape. While she emerged unscathed, the car unfortunately wasn't quite so lucky, remaining stuck in the river for a week after the incident and now believed to be a complete write-off.

Digital Route Sheet for Your Garmin or Smartphone

We offer free digital files for those who want to download the route to their bike-mounted Garmin GPS or smartphone.

These files will be available about a week before event day. We’ll send everyone an email message explaining how to get the files and how to use them.

There will be plenty of hard copy route sheets available at the start of the ride if you prefer.

Please be advised that these digital files will have the best information available prior to the start of the ride and that last minute changes to the route may not have been included. If there's ever a discrepancy between the paper route sheet, the GPS files, or the painted route marks, ALWAYS follow the road markings.  Don't pedal into a brick wall just because some stupid software tells you to.

For example: