Are There Any Hills On This Ride?

Photo of Mt Everest.

Not a part of this ride.

This is probably the most common question we get for all of our events:

“Are there any hills on this ride?”




Who wants to know?

Here’s the dirt:

The 13-mile route, 40-mile route, and 50-mile route

These are THE flattest rides we offer all year long.  (OK, our Miami to Key West ride IS flatter, but let's not get carried away here...)

The 70-mile route

There is one noticeable hill that any B-class cyclists can easily handle.

The 100-mile route

Well... you actually skip that hill that the 70s have to do.  Instead you get three hills, and you can handle all three of them, because you’re rugged (Grrr!)  

While we hate to invite trouble, two of these hills come right after MAJOR downhills, so it is (in theory) possible to rocket on the downhill about 30 - 45 mph and then coast 3/4 of the way up the hill ahead of you, but doing that could be dangerous so we would never suggest it.  That third hill occurs when you are leaving the 100-milers-only rest stop, and is hardly worth discussing.  Which is why we’re hardly discussing it.